Work and storms

Been working the past couple of days which has been nice.  Earning money and supporting my family is my number one goals and making sure that Xander is sorted out no matter what.

Today we had a storm roll over at 2/2:15pm which was awesome… Lots of lightning and thunder rolling about with rain and hail… But I was walking home… so guess who got soaked in their work uniform?  Me.

Luckily I have no work tomorrow so that is alright and I can quickly wash it and Xander’s school uniform.

Anyway, back to the storm.  So I got home soaked and I got out of those quickly before eating my lunch and relaxing for five minutes…. Till I heard my dad arrive with Xander.

I quickly grab the umbrella and go out the front door…. Only to find myself suddenly on the floor….  Yup I slipped over and landed on the wooden stairs on my back…. And it hurt.

I think I have bruises forming too which isn’t nice but nothing I can do about it.

Apart from that my day went well and I love thunder storms so that was nice.


Tash xxx


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