Something that works

  1. First of all sorry no blog yesterday. Had been working and then was busy all afternoon with my little man.

But what I want to quickly talk about before going to sleep is something that, and I know for a fact, works for pimples… and that is freshly squeezed lemon juice!

Okay, so I get serious pimples when I get my period… so I buy lemons and squeeze the juice out… now normally I only use one lemon and the juice survives me bout four to five days.

But once you apply to your face with a cotton bud it stings heaps… especially if you have open zit wounds like I do on the corner of my mouth right now… but, and Im being 100% honest it works!!!

The lemon juice has vitiman c in it and other healthy things which help clear up the pimples on your face!!!  Seriously, the one on my shoulder has faded after a couple of days of constantly applying.

Its better for you and cheaper! Seriously I would just use lemons over face creams any day.

I will take a photo for Sunday’s blog of my very sore and red pimple of the corner of mouth for you to see the amazing difference it can do.

Tash xxxx


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