Work, sunshine and sunburn!

Today was a beautiful day! Seriously beautiful day!  The sun was out and shining, the weather was beautifully warm, it was a day to be outside and enjoy the sun… Which I did on the way to work and from work…

Work went well, served a lot of the elderly as it was pension day and they do their shopping.  Met a man whom has stomach cancer too, and he talked about how he was given two months to live and he has been alive for 2 years now.

I asked him how he looks towards everyday, knowing that any day could be his last and he said to me “I just go out with a smile on my face and a positive attitude.” and that got me.  Like, man, this lovely gentleman whom has stomach cancer and has had half his stomach removed and there he is, one of the happiest customers of the day.  He has not left my mind and it just shows that no matter what gets you down… Just push forward and be happy and you make others happy too.

After work I went out for a bit looking for some school shorts for Xander before giving up and heading home with some subway for lunch… Then I got dressed and went back out to pick up Xander… And now my face is bright red.

I originally thought that my face wash had given me a chemical burn or something on my face because while applying it and leaving it on for a minute while washing my hands (and so none of the product got into my eyes) it started tingling… So I quickly washed it off…

As I said I originally thought it was chemical burning and I started to panic… But Gareth pointed out that I had a red face the moment he came home… So I only can assume that it is sunburn… and that makes more sense since face washes are meant for your face and not to burn even if you leave it on for a couple of minutes…

Apart from that we done our grocery shop and bought Xander some shoes and socks before heading home and tucking the poor tired wee man into bed.  I am about to go to bed myself as is Gareth.


Tash xxx


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