One thing that annoys me about this time of the year…. Is that all the Christmas stuff comes out!

Yep, September we had advent calendars and other xmas stuff out and it is so frustrating like… I remember when I was a kid and it all came out in November… I hated that because, as a child, my birthday came before xmas so for me it was like no!

But now it is even god damn worse!  It’s out so early! Xander always asks if its xmas and we have to say no and have to make sure we don’t buy anything even when he cries for it (he’s not that bad now but when he was younger).

I don’t mind if all the xmas stuff comes out November, because I’m like meh okay it’s the month before xmas and I really don’t give a damn.

Also the one positive is buying xmas wrapping paper… for the family overseas.  That is one of the positives because we can get everyones xmas presents.

Anyway, my quick rant for the day.


Tash xxx


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