Day off and cleaning.

Got a day off today so pretty much its a catch up on the cleaning and washing and making sure a certain 5 year old cleans his room too.

Also gotta decide what to do for dinner tonight…  Will ask Gareth to bring home some meat so I can cook something yummy and maybe do a pudding for dessert too…

Sorry there was no blog yesterday… In all honesty I had forgotten and was hanging out with my friend and her kids after work so I did not get the chance to write something.  But we went to the park and we were there for like 2 hours or something which was fun.

Also at work yesterday I got covered in two things…. Flour exploded as I was scanning it (to point out the top was opened and as I grabbed it… It just poofed everywhere….) So I had to quickly clean that and myself up.  Then my second to last customer for the day had the smelliest fish thing ever and it leaked and got in my work shirt and all over my arm… And I smelt like rotten fish (I know it wasn’t rotten but it had dressing or something on it and it made it stink that much worse)… Lovely.

So now my work shirt is drying and I was lucky my pants got nothing on them.

Also I got more hours next week but will try to write a blog every night… Apart from Sunday… I do night shifts on Sunday so will write one in the morning or Monday morning.


So yeah.


Tash xxx


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