Games night

So yesterday I got my haircut nice and short which I will put a picture on afterwards.  It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders… Seriously.

I had to work yesterday for someone who was unwell for four hours so I done a 3pm – 7pm shift… And it was so busy!  I seriously mean it.

I also had to serve several foreigners too which was cool because they were very down to earth and nice.

Once I had finished work Gareth came along and we quickly bought the last of the food which we needed for our dinner with our friends.  We had some nice as hamburgers and we played the board game Risk, Game of Thrones version.

They didn’t leave till like 12:30am so I didn’t get a chance to write this blog until late afternoon today.  Which I was also busy going shopping to get my son new school shoes for the summer and other things… so had a productive day.

Gareth is now making dinner while I am waking up from accidentally falling asleep for like 20 minutes… Gotta tire myself out for to sleep tonight for tomorrows shift.

Also have skin rubbing off underneath my fingers which hurts and has never done that before!  Seriously!  I was a bigger weight than this last year and not once did my fingers skin chafe off.

Oh well.  Can’t wait for the weather to start staying dry so I can attack those stairs near my house again for exercise.


My long hair… I did love it but it was starting to get annoying to do up all the time
And my short hair.  Much easier t handle and I don’t need to brush it all the time.

Tash xxx


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