Another day

Today has been another day where it started out slow but suddenly the time went by so fast and before I knew it I hd to get ready for work.

But my question is why are people always so miserable?  I mean, about 60% of the customers I served today would either not smile, grunt out a greeting or just ignore my attempts of even saying hi…

I mean… myself, as a customer, loves talking to the checkout operator because, to me, it gives them the chance to chat and be able to talk about things that they find common ground in with us e.g kids.

But today everyone seemed moody and I was like huh?

Seriously.  I had some amazing customers whom were nice and chatted to me… But heaps of them were not in the mood.  This hasn’t happened before since I started there so it was… Weird I suppose?

Anyway, I had a nice 4 hour shift at work and finished up with getting dinner with my boys.  So yeah.


Tash xxx


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