Nuka World Part 1

Welcome to Part 1 of the Nuka World blogs!  This blog is the location and the first battle to enter Nuka World.  This is my personal opinion and mine only and I hope you enjoy it.

Okay, when you first download the DLC (downloadable Content) and enter the game you will get a new radio signal called Nuka World Radio.  It’s this happy, up-beat tune that, if you leave on all the time, will get stuck in your head and will annoy you after a while.  But you have to listen to it first and it will give you the location of the Nuka World Transit Station!

Fallout 4_20160829220533
I didn’t have a photo of my own pip boy so I quickly got this off of google… so this image is not mine but the rest are.

When you get there you will have to fight a bunch of raiders before entering the transit centre.  These guys are pretty tough and you should be on a high level before you even attempt Nuka World… trust me.

Fallout 4_20160901224530
I was looking for one of the Raiders still alive, they were hidden behind something at the time
Fallout 4_20160901224811
Enter this building first!

Once inside you will see an injured man named Harvey on the floor who, spoiler alert, asks you to help his family who he had left behind in Nuka world to get help… But when you try to give him a Stimpak to help heal his wounds he start to panic and tell you to go without him, but if you persuade him enough to take your stimpak he ends up telling you the truth.

He explains that he was paid by the group of raiders, who have taken over Nuka World theme park, to lure people into the park for everyones entertainment and watch them be slaughtered… Once he tells you about everything you have the choice to let him leave and never come back or you can kill him… I let him live my first go but my next go I will kill him just to see what will happen.

He gives you a key to control the train that will take you to Nuka World (man I am saying that word heaps) them park.

Fallout 4_20160901224841
Hello Harvey
Fallout 4_20160901225042
See, exactly what I said, he be the lure.

Once you get the key you turn on the train and then bam!  You hit  a loading screen.

Fallout 4_20160901225303
Starting the train up choo choo
Fallout 4_20160901225329
Nuka-Girl!  And my weak as level… I suggest making sure you are over level 40 for this.

When you enter you hear someone chatting to you over the intercom, saying you are their new play thing and entertainment. You have to fight your way through various tasks to get to the end.

Fallout 4_20160901225443
Oh, train ride and a nice chat?  How lovely.

The first task is to get through a room full of machine gun turrets, which will decimate you within seconds.  So hide yourself behind a fridge which is conveniently parked right in front of you and take your time destroying these things.  After blowing several up move up to the next form of cover  and destroy the next set.  Do this until the whole room has been cleared.  I did not get a chance to get a photo of this because I panicked and was concentrating so hard on not dying.

Once you complete that room you will make your way to the trap room… Which is just full of a heap of traps like flamethrowers and all that jazz.  Make sure you sneak through and disarm all traps so you don’t get yourself roasted on the floor.

The next task is the three doors… now to me this one was easy… Seriously.  You just have to choose the right door… Which is honestly simple. One door has the path, one has a toy monkey in it and the last grenades…  The correct door is the one to the left of you.

Fallout 4_20160901230611
Correct door.

The next task is to get through the room full of radiation.  Make sure you have heaps of rad x and radaway in order to survive this room… Or your power armour… I didn’t take my power armour in because I didn’t really think I would need it  (trust me, you will need it, but maybe not for the gauntlet).  Now you can either find the keys to get out or pick the (expert) lock… Which I did, pick the lock.  and Boom you are through.

The fifth task is to pass the room full of, yep, more machine gun turrets.  There is a computer in there when you first enter, you can interact with it and ‘switch off the turrets’, but it doesn’t work like that, because the moment you enter the turrets turn on because of a monkey and you either have to defeat them all, shoot the monkey’s head before hand or go back and use the computer again to (successfully) turn off the turrets.

Fallout 4_20160901231215
This is the computer to access the turret controls

Once done head over behind the monkey and you will find a key, which will unlock the door behind you (or use expert lock skill… one of the two). and you are onto the next level.

The next one is a maze… Seriously, a maze.  Make sure to crouch and sneak your way through,  disarming all the mines and traps.  There are also new creatures/mutated rats in here which will follow you.  When you turn the corner you will be attacked by an alien (its not though).  It takes off quite a bit of damage and will take you by surprise.

Fallout 4_20160901232449
Dead rats are the best rats

The seventh task is the mine hall… You will enter the room and it’s full of trucks and mines… Which you have to disarm one by one otherwise you will cause a chain reaction and boom, everything blows up.

Fallout 4_20160902205509
Hello creepy statue

Next is the bridge… which is this really badly made bridge that you, try, to cross carefully but it breaks… There is an expert lock across if you do get across otherwise and you fall into the water full of mirelurks!  I panicked and dropped a heap of mines behind me to cripple them before heading back and killing them all.  Mirelurks are very hard to defeat and, in all honestly, the dropping mines technique actually worked.

Next up is the gas room,  which you get locked into and you have to turn off each valve in order to try and stop the gas… But it doesn’t work.  You just need to find the key and password for the door and exit the room like that.

After that is a room full of another new enemy, flying ant swarms… Which are easy to defeat and do not take a lot to kill… I just shotgunned them in all honesty.

After that is the raiders attack you from above room, which I tried to kill them but I think you can just run through.  Just make sure to disarm grenade bouquets and other things.  This bit I, at first, thought you had to kill all the raiders attacking you, but they run off after you do so much damage so I ended up just leaving them to think I was still there.

Finally you are up to the battle arena, where you have to fight the leader of the raiders.  Now you watch him get set up in his power armour and you get sent into another room to get some ammo, but one of the raiders, Gage, asks you to find a secret weapon that he has hidden in the lockers that will help you defeat him… and that is a water pistol… Yep.

Fallout 4_20160902210645
Here is where you find the ultimate weapon
Fallout 4_20160902210657
hello water pistol

Once you get it you enter the arena, make sure the thirst zapper is is in your quick select since you will be swapping back and forth.  Now the main raiders power armour has a electrical force field around it that you cannot damage.  So the water pistol shirt circuits it for a certain length of time and that is when you can change your weapon and attack him with all you got before his shield recharges.  Repeat this several times till he is defeated.

It’s a fun battle but damn is it nerve wracking… so make sure to concentrate as much as possible on him.  You are in a bumpy car arena so there is not a lot of space but plenty of hiding spots throughout this small room.

When you defeat him his second in command, Gage, makes you the new leader of all the raiders and Nuka World… Yeah… More responsibility yay!

Fallout 4_20160902211900
Fallout 4_20160902211907
Hello Gage.
Fallout 4_20160902211915
All the raiders watched you fight the old leader, which is pretty awesome.
Fallout 4_20160902211922
I originally thought I could kill them all but alas no…
Fallout 4_20160902211929
See what I was telling you about with how small the arena is?  But it is great to hide.

This first part was really fun and I cannot wait to replay it again and try new tactics to every single different thing.

So this is part 1, not sure when part 2 will be out as I am waiting for my hours for next week but it should hopefully be Sunday… Or hopefully Monday.


Tash xxx


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