Sorry have not updated in a couple of days

Have had a lot going on.  Seriously.

First off I had to work a couple of shifts for people who have not been well which is fine because it means more experience and money… Plus I really love my job so its okay.

Second off is my pop was yet again admitted into hospital for his heart so have been concerned about him for the past couple of days.

Xander was sick at the beginning of the week so had an unwell child… As well as myself being unwell on the Monday but refusing to call in sick for work.

My computer and phone had major updates this week and I literally had to wait hours for them to sort themselves out so the day my Nuka World blog was meant to go up never did because of that.

I will be submitting my Nuka World blog tonight so that way, a, there are two blogs, and b, it means that I have the first half up.  I still haven’t had the chance to complete Fallout 4 Nuka World at the moment because I have been working heaps but once I get a couple of days free I will pounce onto it.

So tonight the part 1 of my Nuka World blog will be on.  I will also be doing an Overwatch review at some stage too so hopefully it will be in between a couple of the Nuka World blogs…. And I will also be getting Destiny’s new Downloadable content soon too so I will do a blog for that as well.

Phew, that was my quick update.  Sorry for any inconvenience if people were looking forward to them… Which I don’t think people are.  Haha.


Tash xxx



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