School Holidays!

On Friday I went over to Xander’s school and watched him compete in his first School Cross country and I am so proud!

Not only did he continue to run without stopping but he also didn’t throw a tantrum or coming around 10th place (They done the running as all the year one boys first, then the year one girls… So on and so forth).

I stayed for lunch with him before heading home while he done his final two hours of school before being released for two weeks for Holidays.

These holiday I have been working so far so we have nothing planned for going away as of yet… but Gareth has said he might take Xander for a day trip on his four days off if I am working or not… Which will be nice for Xander to have some father and son time.

Apart from that my Nuka-world part 1 blog is late again and I apologise… I just have not had the chance to finish it as of yet… Been a bit busy…  But it will be complete… I just hate not meeting my deadlines for doing things.

So hopefully tomorrow it will be out…. I have work from 3pm to 10pm so hopefully I will have it complete during the morning.


Tash xxx


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