Don’t Starve together

Taking a break from Nuka-World tonight because one of the mutated creatures is pissing me off… Crickets! (Will explain in my Nuka-World blog… Not sure which part but it will be explained).

So my husband and I have been playing Don’t Starve Together on the Playstation 4 the past couple of nights and it has been really fun!

I have played Don’t Starve on the iphone 6 because I wanted a fun little game to play for a couple of minutes while waiting for Xander to finish school.

Don’t Starve Together is to do with exactly what the title says…. Survive and don’t starve to death!

There are many different characters, like your main Winston and then you have others like Willow, Wendy, the Woodcutter, etc.  I always use Wendy because the ghost of her dead sister will rise and protect you against creatures and monsters so she is a positive.

There are many way to die… for example you can die from starvation, being cold, burnt alive,  killed by spiders, monsters, insanity, health, etc.  I have died several ways… So many ways that it would be too long of a list to have on this blog.

This game is fun playing with someone else because it means that the two of you have an easier (but also challenging and harder) time finding supplies and working together to create a safe zone/camp for yourselves for the night before you go exploring again.  Gareth and I have been having a lot of fun playing this game.

The art style is amazing… A rough, sketchy look but it suits the game so well!

We are about to play another five minutes of it before heading to bed… But my suggestion is if you are looking for a simple but challenging game to play with someone, then Don’t Starve Together is the game I honestly suggest.


Tash xxx



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