Cold wet weather and still playing Nuka World

So today has been the start of some lovely weather… Not.

Seriously it is cold and wet… Which is not a nice thing to be in just before the start to the school holidays.

Have needed the heat pump on tonight which is not normal because normally the weather is pretty warm right now…

Now onto Nuka world… I thought I had completed the DLC for this game…. But apparently there is more content left to go!  Which made me go “oh my gosh I need to do this blog!”

So the plan is that there will be several part to my Nuka World review of Fallout 4… So Part 1 should be out this Friday!  Should be…. Unless I get called into work then it will be out whenever I don’t work next.

But this feels like my only way of getting it out since, as pointed out, it is much longer than I anticipated it being.  So, yet again, I am so sorry it hasn’t come out yet.

I’m also working this Saturday and Sunday so maybe Saturday night I can get part 2 out… Maybe (might be stretching it).

That is all for today as I am tired and about to head to bed.


Tash xxx


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