New Shoes and cleaning.

So today we dropped Xander off at school before heading to town and grabbing a coffee and I bought some new leggings… Harry Potter ones to be exact and they be awesome.

We got home and Gareth and I decided we needed to give the house a good clean up… Since half our couch is gone because it needed to be repaired.

I done a butt load of washing since today we had lovely sunny weather while Gareth tackled other tasks… As well as planning out how to sort out random patch of grass at the front of the house so we can concrete it up.

Once that was done we picked up Xander before heading the Number one shoe warehouse to get Xander new school shoes… The warehouse brand we bought died… Literally they fell apart and he hasn’t had them for long (my honest opinion is never buy Warehouse brand school shoes)… Which pisses me off because we paid about $20.00 NZD for them…  So we have bought a new pair which were in a sale at $17.99NZD so we hope that these don’t die as fast.

We have just finished having a lovely dinner and relax before Xander heads to bed.  Tomorrow should be the Nuka world (finally!) blog!  If not then it will because I was called into work which I don’t mind and will postpone the nuka world for after the weekend since I’m working all weekend.


Tash xxx



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