Our day today went

A little bit of doing housework… Mostly doing the washing (or most of it, still have a lot to do tomorrow), going out with one of my friends and her boy, more cleaning, hanging with Xander, hanging with more friends, playing Million dollars but and now in bed.

Xander had a teachers only day today so he and I spent the day doing a couple of things as I listed before which was great. Little man enjoyed having mummy home with him.

glen, one of our good friends, also gave Xander some old Lego he had from when he was a young boy so Xander was so happy to have new Lego to play with.

Our friends have literally just left not that long ago and it was great to hang with them! But really tired now and didn’t get a chance to play the games I really wanted to today… Overwatch and Fallout4….

oh well can do that tomorrow.

Friday nuka world blog should be up so fingers crossed there are no delays for it.


tash xxx


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