School Certificates and Smelly Surprises

So yesterday Xander got his second school certificate of the year!  So Friday’s are the schools assembly day and Xander got a certificate fro writing a story independently… I am so proud!

He came running out of school and was like “Mummy!  Look!  I got a tertifitick! (he somehow cannot say certificate)”  and I looked at him a bit confused till he got it out of his bag and showed me!

So proud of my little cutie!  And it was all he talked about yesterday which was so cute and sweet.

So now onto the smelly part… The past two days our house has smelled awful!  Now before I went to work on Thursday the dog ripped one of our rubbish bags apart and left rubbish all over the house… And I thought that was the reason for the smell… But I was wrong.

Last night Gareth and our mate Glen went outside to look under the house to see if maybe a bird or something was murdered by our cat and had died under our house!  They came back in saying they couldn’t tell but it didn’t seem like it…

Gareth said he would try again in the morning.

But before we went to bed Gareth was on all fours crawling around, sniffing the floor to see if he could pinpoint where under the floorboards the smell could be… I had jumped into bed because I was cold, tired and wasn’t sure if I was (and still am) working today or not (casual means I have to wait for a call to see if I am available).

Suddenly I hear Gareth go “oh god!” (sorry to anyone religious reading this blog) and I quickly ran out to see what was wrong… He found a rotting rat behind our DVD shelf!  And it was disgusting and the smell went ten times more sickly when he opened it!

The rat was bigger than a banana I swear…  I did not want to take a picture because it made me feel sick to look at and Gareth slightly gagged from the smell.

He cleaned it up luckily and came to bed (after washing his hands like twenty times I swear) and we started talking about how the hell the rat would of got in there since we have a cat.

We have two scenarios…

Number 1, the rat came in when Gareth forgot to take out the garbage from the kitchen and the dog teared it up… But the rat suddenly got pounced on by Terra, our cat, and beaten so badly it hid and died behind the DVD shelf…

Number 2, the cat bought it in to play with before killing it (she does this all the time with mice) before it escaped her clutches and hid… Dying in a frightened and painful death.

I’m hoping for scenario one in all honesty… Because I don’t know how to stop a cat bringing in a giant as Rat.

So yes, this morning the smell was gone and we have breathed out a sigh of relief… Especially Gareth cause he did not want to go under the house… He’s claustrophobic.

So that was our awesome (for Xander’s certificate part) and interesting (the rat) day yesterday…


Tash xxx


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