Working again

It has been great to work again! It is great and has been pretty fun.  Some things I still get confused with but luckily my manager and supervisors help me out which is awesome.

Xander got a bit upset yesterday when I came to pick him up because I was late finishing work…  Which meant I was late picking him up.  But he has to get use to me working now so hopefully it won’t take a long time.

Nuka World blog will be on at some point but I have to complete it before creating the blog so it might even be sometime next week it will be up.

Weather here in New Zealand isn’t nice at the moment.  Where I live we have severe winds and rain pouring all the time.  Keeping warm with my hot water bottle and hoping we don’t get any power cuts.

Apart from that there isn’t a lot to write about today.  Also sorry haven’t posted, just been busy learning my job.


Tash xxx


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