Update 6

So my pop has been discharged!  Yesterday afternoon mum got the call he was to go home which is great!  So now he is happily back home with my nana again!

I’m sorry I forgot to write a blog yesterday but I was busy helping my mum sort stuff out for when my pop did get out, helping her get some paperwork to sell their house sorted and mentally preparing myself for the first day of my new job that I just completely forgot!

Tonight though I will write a small one just to talk about how my first day was quickly.

Xander is still asleep which isn’t like him but he didn’t get to bed till 9:30pm (normally in bed by 6:30pm) or sleep till 10pm.  We had gone to my mum and dads originally because we had planned to visit my pop after dinner but since he was discharged late afternoon and we were already at their place it was easier.

Yeah, he might need to stay at home with my mum today.


Tash xxx


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