Fathers day and work

So yesterday was father’s day in New Zealand, so Gareth and Xander got up and played Minecraft on the PS4 while I made Gareth brunch and a coffee.   Xander had already given his dad his picture he created at school.

For dinner we done hotdogs since Gareth got to choose and Xander will eat hotdogs (fussy eater who hates when we keep him at the table till he eats his food).

We didn’t get a chance to visit my pop because we had a couple of things to do plus when we planned to it was too late and Xander had school the next day.

Reason I forgot to put my blog on was because I start work this Tuesday and had a lot of trouble logging into my work account to do the induction course… Of course this morning it decides to work and now I can do it… but will do it when Xander is at school or tonight if have too.

But yeah I finally have a job!!  I will be working in the local supermarket on checkouts but that is great!  I finally have a job to help support my family!  So blogs for the first couple of weeks might be doubled up on some days if I am late with them.

My nuka world fallout 4 blog is going to be really late as I won’t have time the next couple of days to actually do it since I will be working.  This Friday or Saturday it should be here.

So tomorrow I hope to get my blog up but if not it will be there Wednesday night.


Tash xxx



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