Update 5

So went to visit my pop again, I think he is getting bored with hospital.  Was complaining about the food and not being able to sleep… So I think the moment Monday comes he will be happy to hop, skip and jump out of there even though he knows it’s the best place for him.

Still haven’t completed the Nuka-world Fallout 4 DLC blog yet as I’m still trying to complete the missions so it will most likely be at the end of the week that it will be up and ready for you to read.

We just had a mini game night with two of our friends which was Monopoly… Which Gareth lost badly (I was the banker this time).

Tomorrow is father’s day so Xander and I are going to make Gareth breakfast (hopefully) in bed, then I think Xander wants to go to the park if the weather is up for it (which it seems to be, we have had really hot days this past week).

Sorry about all of these updates, just at the moment my pop and family have been more important than anything else so I have just been concentrating on them.


Tash xxx


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