Update 4

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, was very busy with my family and pop.

But my pop is leaving hospital on Monday which is really nice, but it has been pointed out even though the fluid has been drained from his body he still has leaky heart valves…. Which they cannot fix.

Pretty much stating that pop’s heart has become weaker.  So we are going to try and visit him as much as possible this weekend…

Also this Sunday is father’s day!  So we will be seeing my pop, getting Gareth and my dad some presents but not sure what we will do for dinner… I’m going to get Xander to help me make breakfast in bed for his dad :).

Tonight I should be getting my Nuka-World Fallout 4 review blog out tonight so that will be exciting.

So yeah tonights blog will be on as normal.


Tash xxx


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