No Man’s Sky review

For the past couple of weeks I have been playing the new playstation 4 game, No Man’s Sky, and it has been amazing!

First of all I had a bit of trouble with the controls since there was, technically, no jump button (It’s jetpack instead).

But the planet I started on was beautiful and full of very interesting creatures, which I lovingly named throughout my play (long legged Pete and Long legged pete on steroids to just mention a few)… As well as some interesting names for the plants and rocks around too.

You have to collect minerals and such in order to fuel your ship, recharge your life support, shields, weapons and bombs.
Some of the minerals that around are Isotopes which are carbon, plutonium and Thamium9.  After that is the Oxides which are Iron, Zinc and Titanium.  After that there are the Silicates which consist of Heridium, Platinum and Chrysonite.
There are also others called neutrals which help you make money and help craft things for your ship…
These are Copper, Iridium, Nickel, Aluminium, Gold and Emeril. You also have other elements which are very rare which are Calcium, Radnox (which I have only just discovered after travelling to another galaxy), Murrine and Omegon.

This is quite a farming game and you can spend hours just mining all of the minerals on just the one planet.

When you start the game you get the choice to follow Atlas (the main place to store all knowledge) or go on your own path… Which I done in the beginning.

I literally could play the game for hours on end as it was so much fun to fly around and scour these planets in my first go.

After a while I wanted to see more and so I hunted down the objects I needed to create a warp cell.  Of course, as I stated before, if I had followed atlas from the start I would of got a warp cell straight away.  But anyway, I made a warp cell and traveled to the next destination.

I stopped playing for a couple of days (more like two weeks) because Gareth wanted to get some play time in as he was busy at work.

Over all I have enjoyed what I have played so far and it has amazing places!  Right now I have just travelled to a planet covered in snow and at -92 degrees!

This game is beautiful, a great time waster (seriously, when you just want the day to zip by play this game), quite addicting, interesting, and over all enjoyable.  I will also add in photos of when I travelled around and such like on here too.

I love the game and everything about it, apart from the odd glitch here and there and when it freezes and you haven’t had a chance to save and have to hunt that Radnox again… That annoyed me.  But apart from that I don’t see why people find the game annoying… It was stated, if I’m correct (or what Gareth has told me) that it is a simulation game and it was going to be how it is being played…. You have to farm materials in order to gain more things.

I can understand about that whole ‘everyone thought it was going to be a large multiplayer thing’ but think about it, it is amazing no matter what and, to me, I enjoy not having to meet up with other people or having to gang up to make a giant colony… I like the solitude of being by myself in space… And I look forward to when someone puts online “so I went to some strange galaxy today and this person named their creatures and stuff such random names, long legged pete was one of them!” because I will know someone has seen my entertaining and awful names!  But it doesn’t mean I don’t want to meet them.

As I said, I enjoy exploring by myself.  But to hear that someone has finally found my galaxy I found makes me happy because it means, someone out of all the millions playing it, has found my suck ass names.  And I didn’t have to meet them nor try to strike up a friendship or enemy with them.  We never get to meet and that’s okay with me, gives a sense of ‘you are actually alone in the darkness of space.’

So that is my mini review on No Man’s Sky… And no I’m not sorry if somethings don’t make sense.

No Man's Sky_20160811212836
This was when I, amazingly, landed on a mushroom and Gareth couldn’t stop laughing
No Man's Sky_20160811213502
One of my bro’s, the Gek
No Man's Sky_20160811214941
This is your shop setup, pretty easy to use and understand
No Man's Sky_20160811215101
Learning the Gek language and other alien lifeforms languages is another fun factor about the game I didn’t write about.
No Man's Sky_20160811223253
My first planet, Apple-Pie
No Man's Sky_20160827141024
One of the many space stations and colonies on the planets…. they all look the same
No Man's Sky_20160827141243
When I first upgraded ship
No Man's Sky_20160827150829
In the words of the great Markiplier…. “SPAAAACE!”
No Man's Sky_20160827155832
Destroying Emeril 
No Man's Sky_20160827160831
Another Gek I had a lovely chat too
No Man's Sky_20160829190255
Dat ass…. One of the many creatures I have found
No Man's Sky_20160829191209
Travelling via hyperdrive!
No Man's Sky_20160829191623
Snow planet approaching!
No Man's Sky_20160829192440
Had a snow storm at the time
No Man's Sky_20160829192448
Snow Storm clearing
No Man's Sky_20160829192750
This weird thing that gave me Radnox
No Man's Sky_20160829194706
When I found Atlas again and joined 
No Man's Sky_20160829195511
Flying to the space station


Tash xxx


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