Verdict on the new K bar Whittakers Chocolate Bars

So recently in New Zealand we had three new flavours of chocolate bars come out this week… Raspberry K bar, Pineapple K bar and Lime K bar in chocolate.

Now before I begin to explain what each tasted like let me tell you what a K bar is…  K bar’s are a fruit toffee bar that I remember getting after ever Netball match on a Saturday when I was a kid…. And I loved them!  You got them in heaps of different flavours and they were amazing!!!

Now recently Whittakers have bought out three chocolate bars and Gareth and I thought well lets give it a shot!

Tuesday we bought the Raspberry K bar dark chocolate flavoured one first…. and that one was my favourite!  It wasn’t too sweet or too powerful, the flavours compliment each other very well and over all I enjoyed this flavour… Plus raspberry and chocolate going well together not matter what in my opinion.

Thursday Gareth bought home the Pineapple flavour one…. This time milk chocolate… And it wasn’t too bad in all honesty… I thought it was going to be ick but it actually was alright and we demolished it pretty quick.  The two flavours surprisingly complimented each other very well and it wasn’t sickly sweet like I thought.

Today we bought the lime flavoured one… in milk chocolate… and this one was the worst in my opinion.  At first bite I didn’t know how to react and was like ‘okay, this is weird but I will keep eating it…’ I wish I didn’t.  I got to my fifth piece when my stomach suddenly turned and I almost threw up from it.  This one just made my stomach roll badly!  It left an awful after taste that I just couldn’t get rid of and in the end I gave the entire bar to Gareth… I just felt awful and still have the taste in my mouth which is still making me feel really nauseous…. And I love chocolate!

I know some people will disagree with me about the lime one but this is my personal opinion and I just did not like it at all!

Even Gareth said it was odd and he eats a lot of weird stuff!

So that was my personal opinion on the new chocolate bars… Everyone has an opinion and I thought I would write my one down because of freedom of speech and all that jazz.


Tash xxx


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