Mini Olympics tomorrow!!!

So Xander has a mini Olympic games happening at school tomorrow… Or maybe if the weather turns out alright and not wet like it went today.

Hopefully it will be on.  I will go down and watch Xander compete in the friendly games while supporting him no matter what.

His poppa (my dad) might pop in and watch too if the weather is alright while his dad, nana and aunty can’t come along because they are all busy with work.  (Gareth has a funeral to sort out tomorrow).

Been doing a lot of drawing today and such like today but not a lot has happened because it has just been wet, otherwise I would of gone out and done some other things.

Apart from that we have been watching the old television series Red Dwarf (one of Gareth’s favourites) and it has been entertaining, British humour is great!


Tash xxx


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