9th February 2013

The 9th day on the 2nd month of the year 2013 was the day, month and year that Gareth and I tied the knot.

I remember it very well and wish I could go back to relive it over and over again.

So, we were up early… And I mean early…. since we decided to have our wedding at 11am instead of the afternoon.  I was the first up and went to help my mum finish the food preparations (I stayed at my parents while Gareth was at home with Xander who was almost 2 at the time).

Afterwards my mother and father headed off to the location where we were to be married while my bridesmaids and photographer arrived… as well as the hairdresser and make up artist. And I think this was at 7am… Not sure.

So once we were ready my matron of honour helped me get into my wedding dress before it was time to head down… and I don’t know why but I was really nervous… Which I look back on and shake my head thinking “girl why are you nervous?  You’re marrying the man of your dreams today!”

My soon to be father-in-law was driving one of the cars while my parents friend drove the other.  And soon we were off with my dad beside me.

We arrived at the venue and I felt butterflies rising in my stomach…. Gareth had not seen my wedding dress or what I looked like… I hope he thought I was pretty… Which he told me later I was beautiful and he had a… Well…. yeah.

The ceremony went well, Xander behaved himself and it was a beautiful, hot day!  And I loved it!

The reception was great too!  Everyone enjoyed the food and the very potent alcoholic beverages… and I couldn’t stop smiling.

I was finally married to my one and only.  The man I meet overseas in Scotland back in 2007 and started dating end of 2008/ beginning of 2009.

I am so happy with how the day turned out and how much everyone seemed to enjoy and love it.  I am so happy I have caught it on film (thanks Nick, Glen and Lorilei) and through photographs (Thanks Morgan and Natasha).  I have to say it was amazing and I will never get over it nor stop smiling at being Mrs to my Mr.

I will put some of the photos on now for everyone to see my wedding day.  I hope you all have a wonderful day/night.

Getting ready with photographer Morgan (sorry if quality not great… Had to get them off Facebook because I do not have the files on my computer)…wed1wed3wed4

After!!!  Photobombing with Style


The ceremony


And from the other photographer Natasha…

38_logo35_logo34_logo39_logo33_logo32_logo31_logo15_logo16_logo20_logo18_logo5_logo6_logo7_logo2 copy9Tash xxx


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