Another day

So today has been another day full of cleaning and sorting out… which has been heaps of fun!  Shockingly I enjoyed cleaning and sorting out the washing… As well as playing a bit with Xander.

Tomorrow Gareth, Xander and I will be going to the church with Xander’s school… This shall be interesting because we haven’t been to church since Xander was baptize and I haven’t been to a mass since 2009 final year of high school…  So this will be quite an interesting thing to do…

Gareth just informed me that he might not be able to make it tomorrow…. Come on, I don’t want to go by myself… I’ll feel awkward.  Oh well.

My hands condition has started up again so they have cracked open and bleeding…. which hurts most of the time from drawing to washing my hands… It’s not fun.

A part from that everyone has been alright…


Tash xxx



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