My granddad

My granddad had a fall today.  I don’t know a lot of details but what I know is that he has problems with his legs and now he has a walker, has to sit down in the shower and all this other stuff that makes sure he doesn’t move his legs.

My dad called me and told me about it, he went to hospital as he had fallen and hit his chest and head… but he’s alright apart from that.

I have great memories with him, I know he’s not passed away or anything, but just hearing this has made me want to have a… Think about him.

I think I am the second youngest out of his grandchildren and I was always his strawberry blonde… Because I have strawberry blonde hair… Naturally too.

Anyway, I have a lot of memories of him and my grandma but the one two that are staying in my mind are amazing.

I was a highland dancer (which I explained ages ago) and my grandparents never really came to any of my recitals or competitions (my nana and pop did, my grandma and granddad didn’t) so I never really got to show them how much my dancing meant to me…

One year, I think I must of been over ten years old, Grandma and Granddad came to one of my competitions for the first time and I was super excited!  I remember seeing them and being all “Grandma and Granddad!”  (with a high squeaky voice).

Now I remember granddad saying to me (or along the lines) “doesn’t matter if you win or not, will be proud of you no matter what.”  And I know at that competition I pushed myself and wanted to make them proud.  I can’t remember if I won the overall of my age group or not, but I know I won some of them and my grandparents were proud.

The other memory is more recent…

16th April 2011 I gave birth to my son Xander, on the 17th or 18th of April my Grandma and Granddad came over to meet my little baby boy, and they both fell in love with him.  I remember watching granddad picking up his great grandson (if you want to know before Xander he had three more great grandchildren) and cuddling him a lot.  He then turned and said “I think he has your hair Tash… Strawberry Blonde.” and that made me smile…

Sadly Xander does not have my hair colour, he has a light version of Gareth’s hair instead but that doesn’t matter.

From that day on whenever we go and visit my granddad and grandma my granddad is always on his hands and knees playing with Xander, or chasing him around in the backyard playing.  So for Xander this change with great granddad is going to be a huge impact because he is so use to such an active man.

I’m hoping in the near distant future Gareth and I will finally have another baby… And I hope that my next baby would have strawberry blonde hair like mine… Because my granddad and grandma would have a new ‘strawberry blonde’ to dot over as well as their little monkey man Xander.

Xander is the great grandchild they see the most because all the others live overseas or hours away from their house so Xander has this bond with them that the others don’t sadly…  But I love it.  We will have to go see them this Sunday (if Gareth doesn’t get a call out, he’s on call) and have a long visit again… But we will have to tell Xander great granddad can’t roll around and play on the ground anymore or chase him….

But I think Xander will understand and will find another way to play with his great granddad anyway.

So yeah, today’s blog I wanted to talk about him, because he’s my granddad and I love him.

granddad and I
Only photo I had on my computer of Granddad and I.  That was the day I got married.


Tash xxx


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