Today has been…

Today has been interesting.

So first off we, again, are having crying problems with Xander at school…. So I had a chat and he didn’t do it today but… It’s getting to the point we are starting to get a bit annoyed about it…

And the thing is there is nothing wrong the teachers have told us…. so tonight Gareth read the story ‘The boy who cried Wolf’ to him so he understood that his crying was getting to the point that the teacher might start to think that there is nothing wrong when there could be something wrong.

Xander also had cupcake day today which made me super jealous… I never got cupcake day at school.  But it made me happy to see him get excited about it.

Pokemon Go I hatched four new eggs.  I walked over 10km for them all and now I have really sore legs.  But it was worth it.  This game is such a good thing as it has been helping people with exercise (like myself), social anxiety, health and so much else.  Also…

Team Instinct! (I’m sorry)

The virus is still in effect in the area my mum, dad and sister live.  They also found out that e. Coli was in the water tanker, that was provided with fresh water for the citizens to use for free, from a city about 10 minutes up the road… Which isn’t good.

Hopefully everyone gets better soon.

I just finished my job interview and it went pretty well but, yet again, I’m not getting my hopes up.

Xander has just gone to bed and I have just finished dinner.  I’m going to do a bit of drawing while watching some youtube before I head off to bed.


Tash xxx


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