The Virus that has affected over 2000 people

Literally 2000 people are infected with this Gastro virus and that is not good.

High-schools are back open tomorrow but primary and intermediate are shut till next Monday.  Big Business and local business are not making money and some closed with this bug around.

Trucks have come in with free fresh water and supermarkets have dropped their prices for water…

I was reading the news about it since my mother is the only one who has caught it (thought my dad did but he skipped it same as my sister), and the annoying thing about this virus is…  The council knew about it for over 24 hours before they put the warning out….

It means that they could have stopped more people drinking the water and becoming infected.  It means there would of hopefully been less than 2000 people sick with this awful thing… But no, they never put out the warning till Friday evening…. When 100’s of 1000’s of people have already consumed the water.

I’m very lucky it never affected my husband or son… We were there Friday saying goodbye to someone who worked with Gareth and Xander had a glass of water (mind you we are not sure if he drank it or not… But even so) and Gareth had heaps of water throughout the week… His work have a water filter system there so thankfully it gets rid of bugs in their water otherwise I would have a very sick husband and child too.

The gastro bug is called Campylobacter and they think it has affected the towns water supply through animal faeces… Yup, cow or sheep poop…

There are two people in critical condition in the hospital and someone has died from it!

Even though the water supply now has been chlorinated I would still be wary drinking it… Gareth said the chlorine has such a strong taste even after he boiled the water too.

Even our Prime Minister, John Key (whom no one really likes… I know I don’t), has said that “the situation was unacceptable.”

I, for once, agree with John Key… It is unacceptable!  So many people are ill and in hospital… I just can’t imagine….

I hope it gets sorted soon and everyone is well again.  This is just my two cents worth.


Tash xxx


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