Job interview coming up

I have a job interview this Thursday with the optometrist so this should be fun.  I’m going to prepare myself and study what they are about… I do get my glasses from there and my cousin’s wife works in on of the Wellington stores too.

Also had a chat to the real estate agent today which was awesome and interesting to hear what he had to say about the job… So I’m having coffee with him next week… Which I told Gareth and he jokingly said “oh scandalous!”

The gastro virus has gotten worse and more people are sick.  Something is being done about it but I’m not sure what as of yet. My mum has it 100% so she is unwell and at home.

Xander had a good day at school and bought home a cool Lion coloured in face.  Nice bright oranges and yellows!  I love kids colouring cause it’s so innocent and they don’t (or they try) to colour in the lines.  Very sweet and adorable.

He’s just done homework and headed to bed while Gareth has just informed me that he has to drop Dave off to the pool… Which is a metaphor for “I’m going to the toilet for a big long poo!”

A part from that nothing new has really happened.  I will do my review for No Man’s Sky this weekend, I’m going to get some snap shots and chat about it…. Hopefully it will be interesting and fun to read.


Tash xxx


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