Quiet day

So took Xander to school this morning and on the way had to buy him a bottle of water because… A, his drink bottle was in the dishwasher and Gareth hadn’t started it till half an hour before Xander had to go to school and B, a lot of people in my hometown are kinda a bit weary of drinking unboiled water at the minute and are buying bottled… which is also another reason why I done it.

It sounds like the village twenty minutes away has gotten worse, more people have fallen ill and more schools closed down… My mum and dad have caught the gastro bug which isn’t nice… But so far my sister hasn’t… and nor has Gareth.

Even though we were there Friday and Saturday we didn’t touch any of the water…. I’m still weary and keep asking Xander and Gareth but fingers crossed we are all fine… So far we are and it has been two days since being there.

A part from that today I mostly just relaxed at home and done a couple of jobs around the house.

I have been reading a pamphlet to do with Real Estate and being a agent which is quite interesting to have a read about.  Also been doing some artwork today including Team Leader Spark (because in Pokemon Go I’m in team Instinct!) and a couple of other things.

Apart from that nothing much has really happened and I’m still applying to work everywhere as well as still trying to make a baby… The normal.

Xander doing well at school and is loving it still which is great for us… He loves homework which is shocking cause I hated it… and so did Gareth… so maybe got a little genius on our hands… Or maybe it’s just a phase and he will soon hate it.

Oh well, this is all I have for today.


Tash xxx



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