Lazy Sunday

We had a lazy Sunday today.  Even though we had a nice sunny day Gareth and I decided we would just stay home and relax after the past three days where we have been going out constantly.

We had french toast for brunch since we all woke up late and just been playing the new PS4 game No Man’s Sky which has been fun and amazing.  I’m going to write a review the game in one of the blogs during the week.

The gastro virus that has hit the village 20 minutes away from my city is still about, supposedly all night people were going to hospital and such like.  So all I know is some of the schools are shut down and they maybe shutting schools down here if they know any students who travel here for schooling had it.

A part from that we have mostly just been lazing around.  We had eggs for dinner and I have, yet again, made a self saucing pudding for dessert (I’m trying to get rid of the last of the coco).

We are right now talking to Xander’s granddad while Xander show’s off his Minecraft skills on the Playstation 4 before eating and going to bed for school tomorrow.

So that was our day and I hope you enjoyed the little blog I wrote about it.


Tash xxx



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