Swimming and Dinner

Today for a fun activity we went to the local indoor swimming pools with our Friend and her nephew and son.  Her younger son has a cold so he sadly couldn’t join.

But Xander had a blast.  A part from the whole not going underwater bit… We don’t know how to combat that.  Gareth tried a technique, I tried bribing him a offer of ice cream afterwards…. Which worked. Xander still complained and hated it though…

Afterwards we went to McDonalds for a late lunch because all of the boys were hungry (including Gareth) so we got our once a month special family treat which was nice for Xander and us all.

Afterwards we headed home where I quickly showered cause I hate the smell of and feel of the pool water on me… And what I love about showering after the pool is as the hot water washes your body you can smell and feel the chlorine being washed away from your body and hair… It’s such a nice feeling.

Anyway, then we headed to my parents for dinner (luckily my sister and parents did not catch Gastro virus spreading about) and had a lovely pork roast.  Xander didn’t eat anything but we assume he was full from lunch.

Dessert was pavlova with raspberry ice cream which was nice.  Gareth ate a lot of that.

We then sat down and watched the Disney movie Bolt which was pretty good since none of us had ever seen it before.  We then watched a lot of Disney Junior before we had to head home with a tired Xander, and to also let my parents head to bed.

We just arrived home at 9:15pm and put a sleeping Xander into bed before Gareth and myself play some No Man’s Sky on PS4 and we head to bed.



Tash xxx


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