Busy day

Today has started with Xander being late to school… Because a Truck blocked our way at the end of the street!  Not a great way to start school!

After dropping a crying Xander off for being late we went off to drop off some information to our insurance adviser before heading home and continuing the cleaning of our messy house.

After we went out for lunch paid and had a lovely little date.

Afterwards we went to pick Xander up, which he was upset.  I asked him why and he said it was grandparents day and his nana and poppa weren’t at school to see him.  Of course we didn’t actually know until I found a newsletter folded up in his bag that told us about it.  My parents would of been there to see him and have lunch but since we didn’t know he had the newsletter then they wouldn’t off been able to go nor take the time off to see them.

Poor Xander in the school photos and videos looks so upset… But one of the girls in his class took him over to her grandparents and they spent time with my little boy which was nice.

Then we went to Gareth’s work to say goodbye to one of his fellow work friends before meeting up with my mother and father quickly for them to apologise and explain to Xander why they couldn’t make it today… which I think he was alright with.

We watched the Olympic highlights of when New Zealand won the mens doubles sculls (?) in rowing!!!  Was so proud of our boys in black!

There is a huge gastro bug outbreak in the village my parents and sister lives in… Which has happened because the storm we had last week stuffed up lots of the water systems and have caused many people to become ill!  Xander (we not sure he even touched the water) and Gareth both drank water at Gareth’s work but he pointed out it is filtered water s they should be okay… I hope so, I don’t want my little man getting ill with a severe virus.

We just had two mates over for a little bit before they buggered off to get some sleep since they are working tomorrow…. It was a nice little catch up.

Right now I’m hoping Xander hasn’t caught this gastro bug… Nor Gareth…. So far they are showing no symptoms so that is a positive so far… I’m keeping an eye on myself even though I didn’t drink the water either….

So our day was full of upset child, lunch date, family, work, olympics and gastro bug warning…


Tash xxx


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