Clean day and life insruance

Today has been one of those days where we sort out, not only our house, but our insurance as well.

So we have been cleaning our house for a bit so it’s nice and tidy, making sure dishes and washing are done before we go and pick up Xander after school.  It’s nice I have to say, doing this with your husband or partner.

We went and saw our mortgage and insurance advisor today and, in all honesty, I suggest people go see mortgage and insurance advisers… They are amazing at their job and help you with the things you don’t understand.

Anyway, so we went and saw her and talked about our life insurance for Gareth, myself and Xander… and we found out the policy we had Xander under originally didn’t cover him at all!

So if he got very ill or something and had to go to Starship Children’s hospital then we, the parents, would have to pay money for a lot of things that the insurance covers….

So we have taken the safe option for our boy because he is our only child and our main man.  Gareth agrees and feels safer having this option for him too.

We also talked about in our insurance about my slight anxiety that I had to mention int he papers as well as other stuff.  I don’t want to put too much down but we have sorted it out and now we have to discuss the most important document we have to do…. Our Will!

It’s very costly to get one done but we might have to do it as soon as we can so we have that done and don’t have to worry about it in the future.

Apart from that we are now finishing off the cleaning before we head off and get Xander, go to the supermarket and start dinner.  Yum Enchiladas and salad tonight for dinner.

Well that is all for today but I hope to make tomorrow’s blog much more interesting or exciting….

P.s I also got Gareth into Pokemon Go, the poor dude has no idea what he has gotten himself into.


Tash xxx


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