Four days off for him!

Yay Gareth is on his four days off!

He really deserves it after the long week he had…  Seriously needs it.

So most night last week he was getting a call at about 10pm and would head out before arriving home at midnight or later.

The power cut didn’t help his weekend as it completely stuffed up the on call phones so he wasn’t receiving nor sending messages out at all… Plus the power in the chiller went out and a grave collapsed… Which I explained in my last blog.

So the next couple of days will be nice for him to relax and lift his feet up… Or go out and do things… We might go and see the snow this weekend.

Xander had his school photos today which I made sure he had nice clean clothes for… And he comes home with mud all over his shirt and jersey… Oh well.

We just had a nice small dinner of a simple bacon and salad roll… Very nice and good… apart from a certain mini me not wanting to eat the salad… He’s still sitting at the table complaining about it… But he has to eat it if he wants his treat.

Well that is all for now,


Tash xxx


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