This weather!

It is really annoying!  Seriously this morning it was alright, cold, but alright.  I get home and the temperature slightly drops, which I don’t mind and I continue watching Youtube and trying to find coverage of the Olympics….

Then at about 1pm I notice that it has clouded over again, but I think nothing of it… that is till 1:45pm when it starts raining hard.  I groaned and called my mother to see if she was free but luckily it cleared up pretty fast.

So I pick up Xander and on the way home, which I was smart enough to out a raincoat on myself and Xander, and it starts raining… And I mean raining.

We get home and we are both soaked through our jackets so I get Xander in the shower, turn the heat pump on and hang up all the soaked clothes…. Wasn’t nice.  Got Xander into his new PJs and all warmed up.

It stopped raining for a bit before coming back and Gareth got home, cold and wet.

We have just arrived home from doing the food shopping and Xander is now heading to bed after doing his homework.

Tash xxx


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