Finally after two weeks of nothing Xander finally got his school jersey back!

We got to school today to find it hanging on his bag hook (the kids have named bag hooks for their first year) and I quickly checked it to make sure it wasn’t some other kids one…

But it was Xander’s and it was back!  It took that long for it to come back to us and I wonder who had it or found it in all honesty… I wonder if Xander’s teacher got the junior school together and checked all their shirts or the parents finally noticed it wasn’t their own child’s and returned it… Somehow I think it is option a myself.

But it’s back! and it means that he will have his nice jersey for school photos Wednesday yay!.

We haven’t had a chance to watch anything to do with the olympics this week cause we don’t have an arial… We think the last owners took it with them.  So no watching for us unless we find a live stream or wait for the events to appear on youtube… or go to my parents.

But anyway, we will have to watch a couple of rounds soon anyway before bed.  I really want to watch the shooting where NZ got a silver!


Tash xxx


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