Another day

Another day with cold weather and lots of rain.

We have just been chatting to the father in law about how it is in England at the moment and having a good catch up.

Xander has been… attempting to clean his room today but sadly it was more push the toys out of the way and make it look like it is tidy.  Bribing with chocolate made him, at least, attempt to put most of his toys away.

I have mostly been drawing and playing with Xander through out the day.  Gareth has been at work all day so it has been pretty boring.

Normally I would have things to do but we just couldn’t be bothered today.

Tomorrow will be doing some cleaning and such like while Xander is back at school after having a four day weekend.

Gareth has a four day weekend coming up so it will be lovely to have him home again and relaxing.

Xander also has school photos this Wednesday so it will be awesome to see his first ever school photos.

Oh we have had no power cuts today nor bad weather which is great, hopefully the storm has officially passed!

Yeah, so tomorrows should be a much more interesting blog.


Tash xxx


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