Wild, wet weather and power cuts

So today has been one of those yucky, disgusting, you just want to stay at home and do nothing kind of days… as well as a ‘what the hell is going to happen next?’ kind of day.

So we have had bad weather this weekend, no surprises… But what happened was 2:45am Gareth got a call out to go and pick up a body from the hospital, which he got all ready to go… But while he was getting ready (and the phone woke me up) the hall light suddenly went out and the whole house went pitch black (we leave the hall light on for Xander to see where he is going when he needs the toilet and also because he is slightly afraid of the dark).

Gareth turns to me and flips his phones torch on before going, I mumble a quick goodbye before falling back to sleep. (he also literally had another call for a pick up but they didn’t mind waiting till 8am).

Now Gareth arrives home at about 3:30am or 4am and I wake up to the dog falling off the bed because she couldn’t see cause the power was still out.  Gareth walks in and says “I can’t pick up the body” and I stare at hime confused before asking “why not?”

Turns out the companies garage doors are electric and Gareth couldn’t manually open them ether so he let them know tat he would pick them up in the morning.  He jumps back into bed and we go to sleep again.

I woke at about 8am to Gareth getting ready while our son was watching a movie, which I didn’t mind.  I get up, showered, say goodbye to Gareth before quickly heating up my leftover pizza for breakfast, put the washing on, get the crockpot going for dinner tonight… Xander had already had his breakfast from his dad.  So Xander and I were watching Monsters University for a bit till suddenly the TV goes black at 10am.

I get up and try switching it off and on again but nothing happened, I glance at my laptop to notice that the internet is completely gone and with that I quickly text my dad asking him to phone me quick.

According to dad there was another power cut all over the region and the power companies were trying to sort it, so he made me switch everything off at the walls before I had to bundle Xander up into heaps of warm clothes because we do not have a fire place anymore… Only a heat pump which isn’t good when you have no power.

So, I get Xander to play for a bit while I start drawing some pictures and we done a bit of his school homework he had bought home the other day. Gareth tried to contact me throughout the day but every time I answered it was like he had hung up… But he didn’t.  Just the power cut had caused the work phones to stuff up.

In the end Xander and I were cuddled up on the couch with a blanket on us trying to keep warm as the temperature was dropping cause of the lovely rain outside before I noticed I had 60% battery on my laptop… So I though screw it and got a dvd in for Xander to watch.

Literally, at lunch time the power came back on and we had only gotten through five minutes of the movie.  So I quickly shoved the new dvd into the dvd player and got Xander to watch TV while I turned the heat pump on and called dad to see if he had any power yet…. And no, he hadn’t got any yet.

So, I turned everything back on and got on with making sure nothing else was going to happen before relaxing as the room started to warm up again.

When Gareth got home he said not only had that the power cut completely stuff up the phones but it caused his burial he had this afternoon to be cancelled… Dangerous to be doing a burial in weather like this is all I’m saying.

Now, at 9:26pm and we have still got power but Gareth is out again… He’s been very busy today.  Xander is fast asleep in bed and I finally have the time to write out this blog and not panic that another power cut will happen straight away.

So that was my interesting and annoying day today.  Enjoy my explanation of it.


Tash xxx


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