Art again.

So today my son has been staying at home cause he is still sick, Temperature is down but he had to stay in bed all day… which I think he enjoyed.

Plus the weather has been wet and cold all day.  So most of my washing I have had to out a heater on in the spare room to try and dry it all.

So, Xander took a two and a half to three hour nap and I was like what am I going to do in that time?  I already had dinner cooking, I had cleaned the counter tops, put the dishwasher on, out on my third load of washing… So I was like what can I do?

I ended up having a huge drawing session.  Literally.  It was fun though and I enjoyed it heaps!  I went onto my old Deviantart account and looked at some stuff that I could redraw… and well.  I will put the redrawing on here….  It’s been six years since I done this drawing and well I really like my redraw.

Xander woke up and stayed in bed playing while I got onto sorting more washing out as well as checking on dinner… Which the chicken didn’t end up being fully cooked so Gareth had to bring pizza home for dinner.

Now I’m still drawing while Gareth plays Fallout 4 and Xander has just gone to bed.

Started off with this picture earlier, which is members from Organization XIII from Kingdom Hearts.
2010 comic I done with my friend
The redo six years later
Second page of first page.
I sent this to my friend earlier when I saw the original comic and had to draw it in a new style… Have to admit it’s fun going back through your old stuff and redrawing it all again.

Tash xxx



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