Sick again

So today at about 4:30am, Xander woke up coughing and spluttering before getting up thinking he could go play… Cause he heard his dad was awake… The reason Gareth was awake was because he got a call from the hospital to go and pick up someone who had passed away.

So, once Gareth was done with his phone call, we had to send Xander back to bed with lots of crying and whining.  Luckily he went back to sleep.

7:00am I woke up.  Gareth and I had a discussion about Xander… Should we leave him home since he has a serious cough and cold starting up or send him to school…. Xander wanted to go to school so we agreed to send him to school.

So he was at school by 8:45am (which is when they start their school day) and I left, thinking he was going to be okay and such…. Boy was I wrong.

I get a call at 11:40am from the sick bay at his school saying Xander was in and he was unwell with a temperature.  So, being a mum and going oh my gosh when you hear your child is unwell, I call Gareth… only for him to not answer.  So I contact his work and they state that he was out but would make him call me as soon as he was there.

So I call my dad and ask him if he can quickly, if can, come and meet me at the school and pick Xander up with me, which he said yes.  Gareth called me back not long after dad said he was on his way and said he was with a family and couldn’t come, but I let him know that we had my dad coming so we were all good.

Now, the school is about a 20 minute walk… I ran the whole way and made it a 5-10 minute run… Which I am pretty proud of myself and such… But all that was on my mind was Xander.

I get to the school and Xander sees me, going “Mummy!” as he runs out and hugs me, the office lady bringing his school bag with her.  Poor tykes cold had given him a temperature and was very flushed on the face that his teacher decided he needed to go home.

So my dad arrived and we got Xander home.  He ate his lunch after changing into his pjs and then he jumped into bed and slept for three hours…. Shockingly.  He woke up at about 4:00pm and has been sitting in bed ever since.  He had a small dinner and now I have dessert in the oven… But we will see if he eats it.  He’s also feeling better but we are going to keep him home tomorrow as well because he still has temperature at the moment.

So yeah today has been a rush around kind of day but it means that tomorrow I can concentrate on doing the house work tomorrow since Xander will be at home.


Tash xxx


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