Job interviews, car hunting and photos

So this week I have had two job interviews.

One for our local supermarket and the other with a clothing store.

Both went very well, especially the clothing store one. So Hopefully I will get somewhere with one of the two as it will be nice to have a job and help support my family.

Went car hunting with my friend, she wants to get the same car as me… or similar..  Which I own a Honda Edix which is really nice.  Silver, six seats (three in the front and three in the back), big boot, reversing camera and much more.  Great little family car I think.

We also checked some other cars but she really like the Edix so hopefully she and her partner sorted the finance for it.  I will have to ask her about it tomorrow.

Xander has caught a small cold or something like that since he has a severe cough and sore chest every time he does.  Hopefully it clears up quickly, hate seeing him so miserable.  Plus I hate him being sick cause he is never his happy self.

Gareth and I are finally both over our flu/cold.virus that my darling husband bought home… Mine cleared up about a week ago while Gareth’s must of cleared up on the weekend.  Feels good to breath through my nose again….

Xander has school photos next week so I’m quite excited about that.  His first school photo… Just makes me realize how close we are to finishing the school year soon… I mean we are in the third term of the year…

Apart from that I didn’t really get a chance to write much because of how busy my day was… I’m hopefully going to be able to write a longer one tomorrow….


Tash xxx

p.s sorry it’s short..



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