Cracked hands

I have one of those medical conditions where if I wash my hands too much (like after everything I have touched that is dirty… I wash my hands after using the toilet and such.) they crack and bleed, or if I am out in the very cold weather without covering them up they do the same thing. Another reason is if the weather is really warm or dry then they do the exact same thing.

Now in New Zealand Gareth was explaining that the weather is about to become cold again.. Which I can tell because my hands are sore, bright read and starting to crack and bleed… Which isn’t a very nice look when you have several job interviews coming up.

So I now have to put on a cream at night which makes my hands look like I have been through a grease trap… Or lube… But the next day they feel so soft.

I don’t own any gloves since I missed out on this bad weather last year when I went to England and they had beautiful hot weather.

My hands are also really itchy and I have to make sure I don’t scratch them otherwise I will make it worse and that is not nice.

So right now I’m having one of those trying to force myself not to scratch my hands type of night which isn’t fun… Oh well. It’s one of those things I just have to ignore and hope the weather changes soon so they stop doing this.

Well that is today’s blog, will try to do a longer one tomorrow after or before my job interview.


Tash xxx


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