Today has been

Good, really good.

So first off I had another mini job interview for a casual position at the local supermarket yay!  So fingers crossed I might get something.

Played a bit of Pokemon Go today and caught myself a diglett, Seadra, Pidgeotto, Poliwag, Rattata, Abra and a Paras yay!  Still no eve but no matter.  I am also in Team Instinct!  Yus!

Spent some time with my mother teaching her about the game too.

We have also had lovely weather today which I think is not going to last and we will end up with wet and cold weather soon.

Xander had another good day at school and has bought home some of his artwork from his first term.

Now we are going to do homework in a minute and then have some eggs for dinner because… We always have eggs for dinner on a Monday because tomorrow is shopping day.

Yeah, I did have a topic to write about today but I have been out most of the day I have not had a chance to actually write about it… So hopefully, if my sister decides she isn’t coming over tomorrow, then I will have a chance to write about it then.


Tash xxx


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