Relax Day

Today has been a very lazy/relaxing day.  We didn’t get home till 2am this morning from Gareth’s work mates house after watching a rugby match… Hurricane vs Chiefs!  and of course the Hurricanes won! (Go the canes!)

Was a very good match and we had a good time at his mates place.  We got a taxi home last night because Gareth did drink a bit of alcohol… Not a lot like last time but enough for everyone to state that he was not to drive and that they would pay for the taxi.

Gareth said Xander woke up at about 8:30am or 9am… Xander’s normal wake up time is 6am… So for once he slept in slightly….  Gareth was up at about 9:30am and I was awake but not out of bed by 10:00am.

Mostly we have been watching movies and relaxing today before Gareth goes on first call tomorrow… And judging by how busy Mike was… I guess Gareth is going to be busy all this week.

We have just had our dinner and I am making a self saucing pudding again… But this time I don’t have vanilla essence so we will have to see what it is like without the vanilla goodness.

Gareth and Xander are doing their normal Sunday evening activity before Xander goes to bed… And that is Minecraft on the ps4!  It’s their quality time together before Gareth works the next day… Sometimes Gareth takes Xander to the park or something but this time round it was easier to have a PS4 night.  So I thought to write a bit while watching these two make their own little world.

Still quite tired from last night so definitely an early night for all of us tonight…  So that is all for tonight.


Tash xxx


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