Weird Weather and the search continues

So we have been having slightly weird weather lately.

So, like the past couple of days the weather has been beautiful!  Sunshine and warmth all around… Until we hit the nighttime, then it turns cold and icky which is not nice for a household trying to get rid of a cold virus.

Xander’s second tooth has almost popped out so guess the tooth fairy visiting tomorrow night… or tonight if he gets it out before falling asleep.

Gareth is much better with his health which is great to see… Same as myself and starting tomorrow I will be taking pregnancy vitamins!  No I’m not pregnant but it was recommended that I take them to help us conceive a baby… So fingers crossed.

Now, Xander’s school jersey is still missing and Gareth and I have decided to now address the school by putting it (if can) in the school news letter… It’s annoying and unfair that it’s gone and we have only had it for one term!  Hopefully this will sort out and we get it back otherwise I will not be happy.

Apart from that, this is all I have for todays blog.


Tash xxx


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