Birthdays and still no clothes

So today was my sisters 26th birthday so she and my mother came over today so I could spend time with her.  Firstly she loved her necklace and earring set from us and she loved the card Xander made her.

We went to town for a bit to just walk before heading to lunch which we went to a gaming store (playstation seems to be a family thing) and she bought herself some stuff from there.  Then we went out to one of the cafes for lunch, which I shouted her one.

After lunch we went to the Aquarium… and we went for a nice look around there… I played a bit of Pokemon go (to show them what it was like) as well.  The Aquarium was fun and I got splashed heaps from the little blue bottle penguins.

Afterwards we went back to my place just to relax before heading out to pick up my little man… Whose socks and jersey are still missing.

I’m going to have to get Xander to remind his teacher tomorrow morning to try and find his jersey before I ask her… I don’t want to seem pushy but in my last blog I explained about why I wanted it back…

Xander’s second tooth is about to fall out which is great!  Means his adult teeth are going to come through and the sooner they are here the sooner we can see if he needs braces… Which the dentist seems to think he will.

I’m finally better from that damn cold Gareth had lovingly passed onto me and Xander seems 100% better too which is good.

I know for a fact Gareth got teased today for his… Drunken behaviour the other night so I can’t wait to hear about that when  he gets home. (I will write a short blog about the teasing).

Hopefully tomorrow we will finally either get his shirt back or get some answers so fingers crossed.


Tash xxx


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