losing clothes

So Xander has been back at school for two days now and we have already lost his jersey and socks…

Now the socks I don’t mind him losing because we have another pair, a huge pair, but another pair for him to use….

But the jersey I’m hoping the teacher can find as soon as possible… Because that was expensive.

So Xander goes to a semi private school… one you pay for.  And we bought him a brand new jersey because, a, we wanted one two to three sizes to big for him to grow into and b, because it was his first year in school.

Now, I’m sure the jersey taking was an accident but today none of the parents has come up to the teacher and said “I’m sorry but my child here seems to have the wrong top…”.  Now normally, that is what I would do and I would make sure it was sorted.

Tomorrow Xander’s teacher is going to look at the tags of every jersey of her students and others to see if any of them have Xander’s… because he has none and is going to freeze without it.  I’m really hoping she will get some results and get Xander’s jersey back for us… Because we forked out the money for it and we cannot afford to buy him another one!

The socks on the other hand… Well, that’s a mystery… No idea what happened to those so I’m going to have to mark Xander’s bigger socks to note that they are his… Just where do you write a kids name on a pair of socks?

Apart from that Gareth is back at work tomorrow and I am lonely again… Which sucks cause I have loved having him at home with me.  Makes my mind not go crazy out of boredom.

I will hopefully find out about the mystery of the jersey tomorrow though so fingers crossed they find his one and we don’t have to worry about it!


Tash xxx


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