Back at School Happiness

Xander is happy being back at school again.  We went and picked him up and he was just so over the moon to be back with all his friends and ready learn!

Just arrived home and he is eating his leftover dessert from last night before having a small play and then he will be doing his homework.

His friend from kindergarten, cooper, has also started at school today so Xander was so happy and excited to see him and have him there playing away. And learning.

Today I also bought some pregnancy tablets to see if they will help with our chance to make another baby… Which will be nice if they help us conceive another little baby, would be nice for Xander to have a sibling.

Gareth and I are almost better which is nice, finally being able to breath through the nose again will be bliss!

Gareth has also stated he never wants to drink wine ever again, which is quite amusing to me.

That is all for todays blog, tomorrow I hope to write a longer one.


Tash xxx


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