Parties and being drunk

So we have just arrived back from a party/auction/dinner and it was pretty fun.  Gareth’s bosses from work paid for it and everything so it was nice to dress up and get free food and drink…

Was a lovely two course meal, which I had the chicken and Gareth had the beef (I don’t remember the actual names of the food) but they were very nice.

Dessert for Gareth was a pavlova and for myself a chocolate pudding of some sort…

But, I want to talk about Gareth…. Now normally I wouldn’t mind him having a couple of drinks but he went overboard to the point I went to look for him at the toilets and had actually lost him… But that’s not all.

He mixed his drinks, first bad sign!  Beer, wine, beer, wine, whatever else he had…

When he went to the toilet people were laughing at him cause he was drunk as hell and that made me feel embarrassed, upset and annoyed.  I love this man I really do but when he drinks sometimes he just goes over and I don’t like it because I have never had to deal with it for myself before (I don’t drink…. I don’t hate alcohol but I just don’t like seeing people smashed off their faces… Especially my loved ones).

So after about 5 minutes I decide to go and look to make sure he hasn’t passed out or anything on the toilet… But he wasn’t there.  So quickly I grab Mike, one of Gareth’s work mates who wasn’t drunk and, like me, was on babysitting duty for everyone else.  And we went looking for Gareth.

Five minutes later Mike found him stumbling towards us, but I told him to stay outside and to go to the front of the building where his boss called us a cab.  I quickly rush in and get our stuff, saying goodbye to everyone quickly (and I wish I could of had a proper long goodbye because everyone was so awesome and nice) before heading out and getting Gareth into the taxi before climbing in myself.

Now the taxi driver was amazing and he even offered to help me pull Gareth out of the car (we both thought he was passed out) and help me get him to the door, but luckily Gareth woke up himself and done everything.  I thanked our driver a lot before following Gareth, and he then started to throw up, which, normally makes me freak out… But becoming a mum you get over that type of stuff quickly.

I left him out there to get everything out of his system while I got him a glass of water, made sure the bedroom door was open, had the lights on ready for him, got him a bucket and grabbed some medicine in case he wanted to take it.

He’s now in bed while I’m still awake writing up this blog….


Now, the last two times he was blinding drunk he was either at home or at my parents, which was fine… But this time we were out and for me I just didn’t know what to do… I actually wanted to cry…  I’m glad I had Mike, he really helped me out in the end and kept me calm, plus I texted him afterwards too to let him know how Gareth was and how I couldn’t find Gareth’s wallet (Gareth had it but had put it somewhere without thinking) Mike said he went and looked around for it.

I feel exhausted but I know I can’t sleep, I have a headache and a slight blocked nose still which isn’t nice… So I’m going to make myself a lemsip (flu/cold medicine), watch some Pewdiepie or Achievement Hunter,set an alarm and go to sleep so we can go to the birthday party Xander is going to tomorrow.

Gareth, I know you will be reading this tomorrow… I know you might remember most of the night… I love you so much and you make me happy everyday.  Please just next time listen to me when I say you should stop drinking so much alcohol.  I love you.

Sorry about this blog, just needed something to do/take my mind off of things. I do have some photos

Getting Ready
Not the most flattering angle but it features our toilet!
The drinking began and it was okay…
Nice photo of us together… Love him xxx

Tash xxx


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